Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights provides a breakthrough approach to understanding our mind, emotions and body. Originating from the Tibetan Pulsing Healing system which describes twenty-four energy centres located in the body, the twenty-four lights illuminate the hidden aspects of our psyche.

Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights:
Provides a deep understanding of the various parts of our personality as described by the system of Tibetan Pulsing Healing (also known as Tibetan Pulsing Yoga)
Sheds new light on emotional issues and patterns of relating.
Reveals how our physical, mental and emotional well-being is affected by energetic imbalances held in our nervous system. 
Introduces tools for self-healing which will help to restore harmony and well-being to heart, mind and body.

Discover how, for example:

Releasing tension from the throat is the key to improving self-confidence.
Restoring balance to the bladder helps us to release patterns of stress.
Includes carefully chosen and specifically attuned:

*Meditations     *Hand Mudras     *Affirmations
*Visualizations     *Sounds and Colours for Healing

Contents Page

Table of Contents

Part One:
Twenty-four energy centres; the Twenty-Four Lights
The different parts of the personality
How energy imbalance occurs
Rebalancing energy
Exploring the twenty-four lights
Energy Types
Physical imbalances
Affirmations; Switching Channels
Hand Mudras
Vocal Toning
Colour healing
Tibetan Pulsing Healing; the Birth of the Twenty-Four lights

Part Two: The Twenty-Four Lights

Heart: Self-acceptance
Hara: Inner strength
Ovaries/Testes: Vitality
Small Intestine: Nurture
Duodenum: Tranquillity and Respect
Pancreas: Creativity
Gallbladder: Freedom
Liver: Security
Adrenals: Courage and Awareness
Kidneys: Clarity and Receptivity
Penis/Vagina: Balancing Inner Male and Inner Female.
Bladder: Relaxation.
Throat: Self-confidence
Spleen: Enthusiasm and Support
Stomach: Friendship and Trust
Tongue: Truth and Desire
Spinal Base: Being at ease
Lungs: Joyfulness
Pons: Centredness
Colon: Harmony
Arms: Inner balance
Legs: Power in action
Cerebellum: Comprehension
Brain: Logic and Intuition
Diagram of the Twenty-Four Lights Located in the Body


Tibetan Pulsing Healing:
A Holistic, Transformative Healing Technique
A Taste of Tibetan Pulsing Healing; Case Studies
Letting go of chronic cystitis
Overcoming infertility: celebrating new life
Restoring inner harmony; physical health returns
The cycles of healing

Praise for Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights:

“Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights gives fascinating insights into the body-mind connection. It can help you understand your body and heal yourself. A wonderful addition to the field of holistic health.”
Inna Segal, Creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and best-selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness


“If you want a complete self-care book – one that dives deep into the energetic system of the body and empowers you with the knowledge to cultivate a high level of health and well-being I highly recommend Inside You the Twenty-Four Lights”
Dr Mark Atkinson, Author of The Mind, Body Bible and founder of the Academy of Human Potential

"Anna's insight into the twenty-four lights is a welcome addition to the understanding of the body/mind/spirit. It is clearly written, with instructions that are easy to follow for the medtations, visualisations and exercises to help focus on how we might heal ourselves."
Mary Horsley, Author of The Enneagram for the Spiritl

"In presenting The Twenty-Four Lights, Anna Moulsdale has made a significant contribution to the literature on energy healing. She offers a comprehensive approach to human emotions that is accessible, free of jargon or esoteric explanations and immediately relevant to each and every one of us. Anna describes with simplicity and clarity a system that provides a framework for understanding the habits and patterns that keep us stuck in automatic thoughts and behaviours, at the same time providing the route to transformation through exercises and practices that are easy to understand and carry out.

This is a practical gude that combines ancient wisdom with a refreshing modernity. The book enables the development of self-awareness and self- responsibility that are the most direct routes to creating freedom from the legacy of old emotional wounds. It is a treasure-trove of simple and effective techniques that anyone can use to unlock their inner potential, presented in an accessible and modern way."
Dr Maya Spencer, BA, MB BS, MRCPsych, Dip Clin Hyp, Mindfulness teacher.

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