Tibetan Pulsing Healing Treatment

Is Tibetan Pulsing Healing for me?

Many people who come for Tibetan Pulsing treatment feel emotionally blocked or stressed, some maybe suffering from anxiety patterns or have physical issues, while others have an intention to create greater self awareness or simply want to give themselves a relaxing treat. What ever stage you are at on your life's path it is possible to allow this technique to work on you at a very deep level. Tibetan Pulsing can act as a supportive and healing guide on your inner journey.

What sessions are available? 

Sessions to rebalance each of the twenty-four energy centres within the Tibetan system are available including: 

Liver: depression, grief.
Pancreas: creativity blocks, self-destructive patterns.
Duodenum: anxiety patterns.
Hara: anger, reactive behaviour, candida.
Heart: self-acceptance, healing heartbreak.
Small Intestine: emotional repression, healing birth traumas.
Bladder: stress, letting go of control.
Adrenals: exhaustion, fear, sleeping problems.
Kidney: giving yourself time and space to rest.
Ovaries: homonal imbalances, restoring vitality.
Throat: self-doubt and low self-esteem.
Spleen: abandonment fears, mania.
Stomach: intimacy and trust issues, food issues.
Colon: digestive complaints, restoring inner harmony.
Gallbladder: co-dependancy issues, addiction, jealousy.

All kinds of physical problems such as neck, shoulder, hips, may be connected to a particular energy circuit.


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