Eye Diagnosis

Tibetan Pulsing Healing sessions include a system of eye diagnosis. The eye diagnosis determines which energy centres are in need of healing support.  Energy imbalance in any of the twenty-four centres is indicated by specific marks in the eye that a trained Tibetan Pulsing practitioner can diagnose. In this way it is possible to accurately assess which emotional, psychological or physical issues may trouble an individual the most. If a mark in the eye indicates a bladder imbalance for example, it suggests that the person will be particularly susceptible to experiencing stress and on a physical level they could be prone to bladder infections. If an energy imbalance in the throat is indicated in the eye this would signify that the person is suffering from some form of self-doubt, psychologically they may be suffering from low confidence and physically there could be a tendency towards sore throats or other throat problems.

The Tibetan Pulsing eye diagnosis differs from traditional, western iridology and focuses predominantly on emotional and psychological factors rather than focusing on physical health. Tibetan pulsers read the eye like a clock; specific marks in the eye can indicate energy imbalance in certain areas of the body. The eye diagnosis does not  reveal everything about a person. However, it is an invaluable tool which can be used to assess where a persons energy may be getting stuck and therefore what particular emotional/ pyschological issues they are likely to be affected by. 

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