Anna Moulsdale

Anna discovered this inspirational healing system whilst visiting Osho International Meditation centre in India in 1988. Here she trained with Shantam Dheeraj, the founder of the Tibetan Pulsing Healing Institute, becoming a fully qualified Practitioner in 1989. She worked within the Institute for six years whilst continuing a further period of advanced training and inner transformation. 

Having integrated a deep knowledge of the Tibetan healing system, she set up a practice in London. There she gained extensive experience in working with people from all over the world. Since 2005, Anna has maintained a holistic practice in Glastonbury whilst also working as a Tibetan pulsing therapist for the Arrigo Program. Anna also offers treatments from a clinic in London one day a month. She is the author of Inside You; The Twenty-Four Lights and is also a homeopath.

Ian Wolstenholme 

Ian has thirty-five years experience as a healer, spiritual psychotherapist and consciousness guide. His understanding, wisdom and 'seeing of reality' are the unique qualities Ian brings to his consultations.

 His depth of understanding into the human psyche is of great value and support to those going through the healing process. His insightful way of working helps people understand and accept themselves more fully so they can open to their true potential for happiness.


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