1. Jane, Nurse
Jane first came to Tibetan Pulsing healing for no particular reason other than she had tried other therapies and wanted to see what this one was all about "At the first session Anna looked at my eyes with a torch and told me that the base of my spine needed treatment. For some time my lower back and in particular my coccyx had been painful from time to time and I had not mentioned this. I was impressed with the accuracy of the assessment. The back problem has completely cleared up now. Since then I have continued to have this treatment and it has helped me especially with the stress of going through a marriage break up. I find Tibetan Pulsing healing a relaxing experience and I enjoy having a therapy that includes music and sound. It has helped me to release negative emotions from the past and the present so that I feel more calm and free of stress at work and at home.

2.Paul, Freelance Translator

Paul first came to an Tibetan Pulsing healing workshop because he felt stressed both emotionally and physically. He was not disappointed and felt the benefits to be so good he began to have individual treatment. "In my experience Tibetan Pulsing healing is the most effective kind of bodywork that achieves both physical and emotional relaxation. It also has the added bonus of bringing an increasing awareness and understanding of my behavior. As a result of on going sessions I had most revealing insights into certain aspects of myself which had previously led into what seemed like endless patterns of suffering. Tibetan Pulsing healing has led me to experience what can only be described as a deep contentment and peace within myself".

3.Graham, Market Researcher

Graham came for sessions because he felt emotionally "stuck" and wondered if this technique could help. "The first session I had I felt that at last a part of myself was being contacted that had been locked away for some time and had been causing me pain both physically and emotionally it was a great relief. The following session I had a memory of a riding accident that had occurred at the time I was breaking up from my long term girlfriend I felt something shift both physically from the area of my back that had been hurt in the accident and emotionally from my heart. Afterwards it felt as if a burden had been lifted from me"

4. Patrick, Designer

"I can hardly believe how much my interactions have shifted and changed since doing this work. Never before have I had such effective tools for my relationship and so much compassion for myself and humanity. "

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